Hide what you ride...

The philosophy behind our concept is to hide the battery and let it be a natural part of the design on the bicycle. We believe that many consumers do not want to show that they are electrical powered – even though they like the idea very much. Let the electric bicycle look like a normal bicycle. And let it work like one when the power is off.

 - and it must be removable
All our batteries are easily removable for recharge. Whether it’s our rack battery, our saddle battery or our inside the frame battery. All are easy to handle. There has been inside the frame batteries available for some years. But these batteries have been firmly attached inside the frame. That means the consumer has to carry the complete bike for recharge. Imagine living on 5th floor! That’s why our philosophy is ALL batteries must be easily removable. 

But why electric?
By bringing electric bicycles on the market our goal was to get more people to use bicycles and bikers to drive longer distances. If a riding distance on a traditional bike is 5 km, we expect the acceptable driving distance to be 8-10 km on an electric bicycle. This means a LOT extra km ridden on bicycles – our main goal. The electric bike is the greenest way of land transportation. Even more green as to Co2 emission that traditional bike due to electric motor being more efficient than human motor and emits less Co2 – especially if the electric power is supplied from non fossil sources.