In the beginning

Protanium was founded by two Danes in 2006 industrial designer Brian Hoehl and inventor Lars Munksoe. Protanium was the first company on our planet to use Lithium batteries for vehicles in mass production. Still Protanium is in the very forefront in development of electric supported bicycles. From the very beginning Protanium had the green approach towards transportation and this has been the main focus for Protanium always. Protanium will always work to bring the best quality and environment friendly batteries on the market. Polymer Manganese Lithium based chemistry is today accepted as best approach for long battery life, less volume, less weight and less impact on our nature. The cells used in Protanium batteries are specified by Protanium and made especially for Protanium. By choosing a Protanium product you can feel sure that you choose the longest experience and the highest quality as well as contributing to a better life and greener planet.

and tomorrow…
You will never be in the lead if you follow in others footstep! Be sure always to find new and better approaches, designs and inventions from Protanium. We plan to introduce a new revolutionary concept or product on the market each year. For the year 2011 we introduce the new, revolutionary and patented “Removable Battery inside the Frame”. You can find the bike here: Download the latest catalogue.