Record Award winning

2012 begins great with none less than 3 x IF Awards

The Taipei Cycle d&i Awards (design & innovation Awards) is executed by iF International Forum Design GmbH. This company also organizes the Eurobike Awards, where Protanium also won Award in 2011.

Chosen by the jury as a winner of the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2012:
239-90199    Protanium Inside    01.    Bicycles
239-90205    Unisex slim e-bike    01.    Bicycles (this model will be shown on our homepage in March 2012)
239-90206    Super thin battery    02.    Components

207 entries from 16 countries have registered for the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2012



With 17.7 kg, the Hercules E-Versa is the lightest bike in the extra energy test and meets the expectations of a portable folding bike.Conclusion
Meets the characteristics of a folding bike with ease and good handling. "Good, " for commuters who board a lot and do not drive too strenuous way. Read full article here:

and here:,491,5959,detail.htm